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 > Friends,>> This is a most important time and we must make as many people as> possible aware of the new threats to our lives on this planet.> Nutrasweet is about to release another sweetener poisoner, this time a> combo between deadly brain tumour Aspartame and Breat Cancer Acesulfame> K. We're awaiting the name of this evil product>> SENOMYX is the new poison on the block and is a sneaky substitute for> Monosodium Glucamate. If you appreciate your memory and neurons please> avoid like the plague.>> Once again we NEED to get this message out far and wide. Email this> information to family, friends, colleages and email lists immediately.>

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Hey Osiris:

When one takes a good look on the cover of a can of food or on just any packaging for any food, one gets the creeps reading what is in it.

I mentioned before many times over and over again to anybody who liked to listen:

When I was a young kid, half a century ago, there was one (1) kid in our community wich suffered from asthma.
Now adays there is only one kid that does NOT suffer from asthma.
The amount of people that has all kinds of allergies that 50 years ago not even existed, is growing like mad, everyday there is a new allergy that people get.

I eat normally unpacked fresh vegetables and unpacked potatoes wich I purchace at the farm, my meat comes, if possible, from special farms that are allowed to sell the meat and milk from their own cattle, wich still is living in the pastures, and not in a factory.
They get no hormones and so on.

I remember it took a chicken from the egg to adulthood about a year, now they manage it in 6 weeks!!!

And all those hormones the one that eats this meat gets them in the body as well.

I see on the package from fresh vegetables , cut and ready to use, that it is packed under special athmospheric conditions.
That should mean the bag is filled with a neutral gas like Argon, but that only keeps the germs asleep.
When one is going to use the veggies and opens the package, the germs get oxigen and start growing even faster because they wake from an artificial sleep.
What germs do after a sleepingpperoid is multiply like crazy.

That is not healthy.

I eat no margarine as I see what goes into it, but use butter instead or oliveoil.
Nothing else.
I am nearly 60 now and in a very good health.
My body is ruined but that was my own fault by not taking care on my motorbike.
That machine probably will kill me, but my body is in a good healthy state.
I have a bloodpressure the doc said a man of 25 would be proud of.

Do take good care of your body and start reading the packings.
Try to use natural foods from the farm.

Than you will be healthy.
Look at all those fat people around , do you want to be one of them?
Ask yourseldf this question .
And if you are so fat remember that every pound went in by your own mouth!!!
And nobody forced it down your throat!!!
Remember that when you neeed a new heart!!!

This was for me the reason not to become a donor of my organs after I die.
My mom gave them to me and not to somebody that misused his body by abusing it through food and food and food a dmore food.
Remember when you are in hospital it was not my doings but your own sane desission to keep on eating knowing it will ruin your own body.


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