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Francis Haley and the Comet Part 2. Talking to spirits EVP

Things started to get a little more bazaar as time went on. Francis hysterically told me that there was an incoming comet and I had to take action. (This is interesting considering events taking place now.) “Warn everyone,” he said. I was reluctant. “Are you sure”, I asked? Oh yes, we’ve scanned the skies and it is coming very near. You’ve got to tell the townspeople and also announce it on your TV show. (I was at the time co-hosting a Public Access TV show called UFOAZ). I was dragging my feet. It seemed so crazy and besides who would believe me, not to mention the fact that there was not a peep from NASA or anyone else about this comet.

My husband Nick was very supportive, but he just wasn’t going to jump into this drama with me. He couldn’t understand the growley voices all that well and besides, our house was now the Grand Central Station of friends talking to spirits also. He was getting mighty tired of it.

Francis would insist that I wasn’t doing enough. He was becoming rather demanding. Not only that, but the Earth was beginning to act a bit nutty too, asking why I wasn’t speaking to her and that she missed me. Now, I had a planet with emotional problems to deal with. I was beginning to wonder. Finally, the morning came when Francis said, “get a backhoe and dig a tunnel in your back yard and then wet towels down, put ice cubes in your pockets because of the comet.”

OK, I had had enough. I finally questioned; “Are you jerking me around”?

Then it came out. They were all hysterical, the little band of humans who had been leading me around by the nose for about 6 months. They called me gullible and how they had me going. I was absolutely furious. How could this have happened? How could I have gotten stuck with these lower Astral jerks when I had prayed for angels?

I had a ceremony at my house with 12 people who were very spiritual and we worked to exorcise Francis and the gang. We pulled out all the stops. I was hopeful. I played sacred music into the recorder and prayed and prayed.

But he was always there. He told me he would never leave. He said, “there is no wall that you can build that I can’t scale” or something of that nature. I would put the recorders away, but would a week later pull them out hoping that he would have left. It was so discouraging and my friends could not understand why I didn’t just give it up. “Just stop recording,” they would advise. But it was like an obsession with me now. I couldn’t seem to stop myself from trying. I had been so hopeful about this breakthrough.

  About this time I had started to learn and experiment with reverse speaking and went back over my old recordings with Francis and sure enough, it had all been lies. I knew it in the RS part of my mind and called myself a dope for falling for all of their nonsense. All the evp was completely reversible. They said things that were really quite demeaning regarding my intelligence and gullibility. But I knew I wasn’t going to be fooled again. I had discovered the evp truth serum, reverse speaking!

But the most fascinating thing about the RS was that in reverse, I was speaking to Francis as if I could hear him audibly. I called him a numbskull and told myself that I was a dope for listening to all of this rubbish. That in itself was a breakthrough. I got over my anxiety of the past 6 months and wanted to know more about this part of the mind that could hear spirits. I was still hooked.

So finally I decided to try to work with Francis. “Let’s call a truce” I suggested. I think it would be incredible if we could write a book together. You could tell me about your life and I would write and record your voice. I thought it was a great idea. Francis ran hot and cold and wasn’t really that interested.

But he had told me a lot about life and then he went on to tell what happened after he died. Since I could check him with rs, I would listen. He actually quit lying and I wanted to know about his after death experience. He said that once he figured out that he was dead, that he was propelled by an unseen force and just dumped into that world. No one came to see how he was. “It was a frightening experience rather than healing.” He wandered around in that world until he finally met others and was able to move in with them. This was the year 1830 in Earth time.

 I couldn’t quite figure out what happened with his after death experience since it didn’t resemble the NDE’s that we all hear about.

He said it had been the same for everyone he knew. He told me that they needed to eat and drink, they got sick, needed shelter, money, clothing over there. This was very strange to hear. But you’re a ghost I would say. That made him furious. We are not ghosts, we are people.

I knew that they were capable of having sex. It was a favorite pastime. I asked about having babies. No, that can’t happen, as there is no means. I wasn’t sure what he meant but a lot of this was not fitting into my preconceived ideas. For some reason, they couldn’t commit suicide either although Francis said he had thought about it often, as his life was as unhappy there as it had been while in the physical.

He lived in a house with others. They got by as best as they could. He said they would gamble and steal to get money. It was darker in that world; grubby, he called it. It was predatory and always a struggle. He at least had his friends though, until one morning they all moved out and left Francis behind.
To be continued….

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