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Skylands Paranormal Investigations


David M Rountree, Director

Skylands Paranormal Investigations

169 College View Drive Hackettstown, NJ 07840


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Skylands Paranormal Investigations Announces Five Year Study

Hackettstown based research group begins local study of paranormal

Hackettstown, NJ – Aug 6th, 2007 – At least once a month, and usually
on a weekend, a very dedicated group of scientific researchers
rendezvous at a home, place of business or unusual area in search of
evidence of paranormal phenomena. Skylands Paranormal Investigations,
a Hackettstown, NJ based scientific research group, seeks out
spectral activities and documents their findings on film, video,
digital photography and other recording media. Using scientific
instrumentation such as Thermal Imaging Scanners, Electromagnetic
Field Meters, Air Ion Counters, and Geiger Counters, unusual
occurrences are measured and analyzed.

"About ninety percent of the situations we encounter have rational
explanations," says David Rountree, SPI Director and co-founder. "The
other ten percent is what keeps us going. We really dissect a
situation until every angle is investigated. Our work has a practical
side as well. We often uncover electrical problems, Radon gas and
carbon monoxide leakage during our investigations"

The group also conducts research into the cause of these unusual

Laura Rountree, Assistant Director of Skylands Paranormal
Investigations with husband David, is also a co-founder and a Lead
Investigator. She is also a "sensitive" who gets a "feel" for active

"I have held a keen interest in the paranormal for years. To be
involved in the scientific measurement of this type of phenomena is
quite thrilling. We have investigated homes and business all over New
Jersey. It dawned on us that a lot of activity is reported right here
in Hackettstown, so we decided to do a study of the area."

"We also specialize in historical landmark investigations," adds John
Keegan, Lead Investigator and Technical Specialist. "We employ a lot
of new technology, and take precautions when working around
artifacts, such as using Ultra-violet light instead of monochromatic
flash for photographic work."

Skylands Paranormal Investigations is seeking locations for research
and investigation. There is no charge for the service, and the client
receives a prepared report on the findings at the completion of the
investigation. For more information Call (908) 852-6229 or visit:

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The Sensor Array Experiment

Following in the footsteps of Timothy Harte, M.A., LCPC, and the MESA
PROJECT, we here at Skylands Paranormal have assembled a complex
sensor array with the ability to measure

electromagnetic fields, magnetic fields, electric fields, radio
frequencies, radio frequency field strength, ambient audio, ambient
subsonic audio, ambient hypersonic audio, ambient light, static
electricity, Alpha, Beta, Gamma radiation and X-Ray radiation, CO²
levels, ambient temperature, area temperature, relative humidity,
barometric pressure, positive and negative air ion count, background
inaudible audio frequencies, EMF frequencies, free air conductance
and scan for specific radio frequencies transmitting in the area. We
will monitor solar wind, geomagnetic field activity, solar flare
activity, and magnetic storm activity. Additionally we can monitor
vibration, trace radio frequency signals to a local source in the
home or place of business, and inject energy into the air via a
medium powered Tesla Coil. I will begin running localized tests in my
home tomorrow. All of the data will be recorded on video tape, along
with the operator (me) as well as the area we are testing in. This
will be accomplished using a special four camera recording set up
that allows us to have four camera views displayed on one screen.
Additionally we will be monitoring and recording audio from several
points in the room during the experiment. This will establish the
validity of the readings, and phenomena recorded, as well as operator
interaction. We will also record the data in hard copy and note any
changes or anomalies in the readings, and try to trace down the
source of those readings. We will be able to identify cell phones,
cordless phones, monitor HAM radio and public service radio bands as
well as broadcast bands for potential interference. We will do this
in an area that is not, repeat, is not haunted.

Why on earth would I do this in an area that is known to be inactive?

Quite simply, we need to establish controls, typical readings that
are normal. These controls may have a range of variance that is still
within normal limits. By running the system and establishing the
data, we will have an idea of what to expect when we do encounter
something out of the ordinary. We will also be able to trace the
source of much of the phenomena to natural sources, allowing us to
eliminate them as a potential cause of faulty data. We will have to
perform many of these procedures to establish a base pattern of
readings, and will have to do the experiment at various non active
locations. Once we establish the base reading range, we will be able
to move forward with actual investigations and active haunting

In conjunction with this experiment, we are launching a five year
study of the geographical area in which we live. We will confine the
search to roughly a twenty square mile area, collecting both accounts
of experiences that qualify, as well as actual site investigation.

Our goal is to establish, or eliminate any of these factors as
correlating to paranormal phenomena, and to find answers.

We will post the data we collect in our Blog as they become
available. We welcome others to ask questions, provide suggestions,
and to duplicate our work for validation purposes. We will keep you
informed of our progress.

David M. Rountree [sign in to see URL]. AES


Skylands Paranormal Investigations

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