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EVP and Reverse Speaking. How to get to the Truth

I'm just posting a bit of my background and research, so you can get an idea of what I've been doing for 5 [sign in to see URL] Kane – Reverse Speaking
peggy@[sign in to see URL]

Listening to the Universal mind through reverse speaking.

David Oats is the discoverer of reverse speech and to him I give my thanks!
 My website is [sign in to see URL]

I started experimenting 5 years ago trying to capture EVP (electronic voice phenomena). This is the recording of non-physical voices on digital and tape recorders. For 3 months I recorded every day and heard virtually nothing. I finally joined the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena AAEVP and got the technical support that I needed to hear the voices.

After about a year, I learned that spirit voices were reversible. By reversing what they said, I could hear if they were telling the truth. I began to experiment by reversing their voices as well as my own, and to my astonishment, in reverse, I was hearing and speaking to them in real time. I did not need the electronics. We were having back and forth conversations.

From there, I began to reverse all kinds of people who were speaking publicly as well as continuing to have conversations with non-physical people. Everyone, it seems, speaks in reverse.

I began to hear about our true history, agendas behind political events, probable futures, and what was going on behind the scenes interdimensionally. I now consider the outer reality to be a kind of bad Disneyland. The lies and deception that we encounter every day are simply beyond belief.

 I also came to the attention of certain extraterrestrials who then began to speak on my recorders. As a matter of fact, they speak on everyone’s recordings whether the person recording is conscious of that or not.

This is a 5-year journey with literally thousands of hours of listening to thousands of conversations from people in the physical world, alien entities and spirit humans. I have reversed people in all walks of life and have found essentially everyone tells the same story of what is going on here. It makes no difference what they consciously believe to be true, the basic story remains the same, and a very big story it is.

Reverse speaking and EVP combined, have given me a glimpse into a part of the mind that was shut down thousands of years ago by an alien race who have been manipulating humanity ever since. The true knowledge is available to anyone willing to take the time and the small investment to have the equipment to listen. No one lies in reverse. We all know exactly what is happening and we are all desperately trying to tell ourselves.
Peggy Kane

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