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New research data bases for Egyptologists..

New Research Databases

http://archaeology. [sign in to see URL] b/a/257973. htm

Two exciting new research databases have become available on line this
past week of interest to Egyptologists.

The first is the Current Research in Egyptology, which includes a
database of titles, authors and abstracts of all the papers which have
been presented at the annual graduate research conference, now in its
ninth year.

 [sign in to see URL]- research- egyptology. [sign in to see URL] htm

The second (save the best for last) is the Bulletin of the American
Society of Papyrologists, which has published articles on papyrus and
other manuscripts since 1963. Their entire backlog, with the exception
of the last two issues, are now available in their entirety for free
downloading on line. This gold Open Access initiative is wonderful news
and (I hope I hope) a harbinger of things to come.

http://quod. [sign in to see URL]. edu/b/basp/

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