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Hoax second coming of christ?


This is a Letter to the Editor of Nexus Magazine, written by Tony Bushby - the author of The Bible Fraud.
Appearing in the August/September 2007 issue of Nexus.
Dear Duncan: Reliable inside sources claim that Pope Benedict's recent Vatican meetings with US President George Bush and outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair were held to finalise plans for faking an event purporting to be the second coming of Jesus Christ,.
This appears to be a move by the Christian leaders to avert "a crisis of faith" that the suppressed Fatima message prophesised would cause the demise of Christianity by 2015.
An insider close to the recent meetings claims that the Church's ploy is to project a holographic image into the sky in a Third World country, one showing Jesus to an international TV audience "coming in the clouds" as narrated in the New Testament.
That this is technically possible was graphically displayed at the 2007 grand final of American Idol when Celine Dion sang a "live duet" on stage with a brilliant, three-dimensional, color "holographic" reproduction of the long-dead Elvis Presley.
Duncan, this old adage says it all: "Forewarned is forearmed".
Kind regards,

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