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Atlantis : The Lost Civilization Fiction or Real?

  Atlantis was first mentioned in Plato's Critias, located in the west of the Strait of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean. The rise of the mentioned civilization was around [sign in to see URL] years ago and it was really highly advanced one.

           In many places in the earth, there are many archeological findings which could not be explained according to the today's technology. For some scientists there were global disasters which ended human civilization many times. Atlantis according to many of them is one of these civilizations. It was not only located in the Atlantic Ocean as Plato stated but also with its colonies it was sperad in South and North America, Asia, Anatolia and [sign in to see URL] were the starting point of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations in Mexico and South America.

           "The Secret Doctrine" which was written by Helena Blavatsky mentioned the Atlanteans as Fourth Root race before the Aryan Race which was Fifth Rooth Race. This concept brings a new dimension on the written history. Can the civilization on the Earth be evolved not 4000 years but [sign in to see URL] year ago?


Ancient Aliens
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