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Who are the Reptilians?

Reptilians were the Anunnaki who have visited the earth thousands years ago. This serpent race has ruled the humans and created many civilizations. The effects of this race which came from the planet Nibiru and historically called as fallen angels or the sons of the gods can be seen even today.

In Egypt, for instance" these reptilians are mostly known as "Ra" or "Osiris". The famous concept "all seeing eye" derives from Egypt. In Maya its name became as "Quetzalcoatl" or "serpent of wisdom". In China (dragons) and Greek mythology the signals of serpent gods can also be seen.

Actually, the reptilian god mentioned above in different civilization was not a single entity, instead they were a group consisted of hundreds officers and workers whose aim was to obtain gold for their damaged atmosphere of the planet Nibiru. The thing is when their mission completed some of them decided to stay and help in the advancing of the homo sapiens which they created by genetic engineering for thier mining works. Many struggles and war had happened between them because some of them did not want to deal with the earth anymore. They thought the human sapiens to be wild and backward entities and tried to terminate them totally before leaving to their own planet. On the other hand, the part of this group who were on the sides of the humans decided to protect them from thier counterparts and they enlightened the human beings.

David Icke also specifies the connection between the reptiles and today's famous royal families. He claims that the reptilians still prepare and function the worldwide conspiracies.

Zecharia Sitchin, additionally, mentions that the Anunnaki today still live among us in different shapes and in different organizations in order to rule and manipulate the humans.

Therefore the history of human sapiens and theier civilizations on the Earth had begun. The Reptilians teached them basics of the civilization firstly like agriculture, building shelters, writing, storage and than mathematics, astronomy, arts, music.... In Sumerian texts and paintings one can see a perfect drawing of solar system including all planet, even Neptun and Pluto with their satellites. The Sumerians called themselves black-headed people in their own language. This term was given to them by Anunnaki who created them by playing with DNA of homo erectus and by the combination of reptile DNA with them.


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